China Travertine--- Classicism

We offer the competitive China travertine with all sizes(normal sizes or customized sizes). The surface finishes includes the polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, as the travertine has some small holes, so we can process it in holes filled / unfilled according to your requirements, The colors are mainly the beige color, coffee color, rust color. This kind stone is applicable for the floor, wall indoor and outdoor. At present, we export the travertine products to North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and so on.

Tiles Color

For the tiles, the normal sizes are 12”X12”(305x305mm),16”x16”(406x406mm), 24”x24”(610x610mm), 12”x24”(305x610mm), etc... the normal thickness is T1.0cm, or T2.0cm. Usually, one full 20’contianer loads about 800m2 tiles with the T1.0cm, but load about 400m2 tiles with the T2.0cm.


Code: M101-J

Code: M101B-J1
tiles color brushed
Code: M101C-J2

Code: M001C-P

Code: M001D/F-J

Code: M101C-P1

Code: M101C-J2

Code: M001C-J

Mosaic & Bricks


The travertine mosaic whole size is 12”x12”(305x305mm), thickness is 1.0cm, it is usually for the inner wall or flooring. The bricks size is 150X73mm. or 150X75mm.


Code: TM-39 (travertine mosaic)

Code: TM-40 (travertine mosaic)

France Pattern

One set of the France Pattern is formed in 200X200mm---2pcs & 203X203mm---2pcs & 406X203mm2pcs & 406X406---4pcs & 406X610mm--- 2pcs, total 1.48m2 / set. The surface can be polished, honed, brushed. The color can be in same one or in mixing colors.
(Below pictures are just for the effect reference, but not for the color)


Code: travertine with broken edges

Versailles Pattern





Code: column-2

Travertine Packing

Usually we pack the normal sizes of travertine tile, mosaic or pattern in cartons, then put it into the crate, one crate is about one ton, for the tiles in Thickness1cm, one full 20"container(if the limited weight is 24tons) load normally about 750~800m2, but if thickness 2cm, it loads about 400m2.


Code: Travertine Packing 01

Code: Travertine Packing 02

Travertine Production



Code: Travertine production 01

Code: Travertine production 02




Code: Application-01

Code: Application-02
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