Natural sandstone products is one of the main material used for paving and wall cladding .The main market used for this natural sandstone products is North American , UK , Australia etc . The color we can supply is Yellow , Green Sandstone , Grey ,Purple ,Purple , Purple Wood veins ,Red and Red Wood veins etc .
We could make sandstone tiles , mushroom ,slabs , sculptures and paving cobble stone , Wall caps , Corner stone and Window sills etc .
The finishing we can make for sandstone products is Honed , Sawn cut , Flamed , Sandblasted , Bush Hammered , Chiseled and tumbled etc
Size available (mm): 300*300 / 400*400 / 600*600 / 300*600/600x900 and slabs
Thickness (mm):20mm ,30mm ,40mm ,50mm ,80mm ,100mm etc
Production time : 10-15 days
Quantity Capability : 2-3 containers monthly

Grainy Sandstone
Grainy Sandstone
Green sandstone (flamed)
Green sandstone (sandblast)
Greenish white sandstone
Pink sandstone (honed)
Purple sandstone 004A
Purple sandstone 004B
Purple sandstone 003
Purple sandstone (hammered)
Purple sandstone (honed)
Purple sandstone (sandblast)
Purple veins sandstone
Red sandstone (hammered)
Red sandstone (honed)
Red sandstone (sandblast)
Red veins sandstone
Wooden Veins
Wooden veins sandstone
yellow sandstone
Greynish white sandstone
Code: sandstone-1
Description: sandstone products
Code: sandstone-2
Description: cube stones
Code: sandstone-3
Description: yellow sandstone slab
Code: sandstone-4
Description: yellow / grey sandstone tiles
Code: sandstone-5
Description: yellow sandstone slabs
Code: sandstone-6
Description: yellow sandstone tiles
Code: sandstone-7
Description: yellow sandstone tiles (hammered)
Code: sandstone-8
Description: yellow sandstone tiles (honed)
Code: sandstone-9
Description: red sandstone
Code: sandstone-10
Description: red sandstone tiles (honed)
Code: sandstone-11
Description: green mushroom stone
Code: sandstone-12
Description: green sandstone tiles (hammered)
Code: sandstone-13
Description: purple sandstone tiles (honed)
Code: sandstone-14
Description: purple veins sandstone
Code: sandstone-15
Description: grey sandstone tiles
Code: sandstone-16
Description: Greynish white sandstone (flamed)
S-basin 01
S-basin 02
S-basin 03
S-basin 04
S-basin 05
S-basin 06
S-basin 07
S-basin 08
Yellow sandstone walls
Red sandstone walls
Yellow sandstone cubes
Yellow sandstone tumbled
Pink sandstone tiles for blind person
Two colors sandstone
Green sandstone tiles
White sandstone
Purple veins sandstone floors
Purple veins sandstone floors
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