Mosaic and pattern are broadly used for indoor decoration and bath room etc. Which is very popular in North American and European market . Our company provide the FIRST GRADE quality slate mosaic , slate border and slate pattern.
Available Finishes: Both Face Riven Finish / Top Face Riven, Top Face Honed /
Random Flagstone Finish
Available Size: Diameter: 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 45cm
Size: 300x300cm (12”x12”)
Available Thickness:10mm

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Code: Mosaic-1
Code: Mosaic-2
Code: Mosaic-3
Code: Mosaic-4
Code: Mosaic-5
Code: Mosaic-6
Code: Mosaic-7
Code: Mosaic-8
Code: Mosaic-9
Code: Mosaic-10
Code: Mosaic-11
Code: Mosaic-12
Code: Mosaic-13
Code: Mosaic-14
Code: Mosaic-15
Code: Mosaic-16
Code: Mosaic-17
Code: Mosaic-18
Code: Mosaic-19
Code: Mosaic-20
Code: Mosaic-21
Code: Mosaic-22
Code: Mosaic-23
Code: Mosaic-24
Code: Mosaic-25
Code: Mosaic-26
Code: Mosaic-27
Code: Mosaic-28
Code: Mosaic-29
Code: Mosaic-30
Code: Mosaic-31
Code: Mosaic-32
Code: Mosaic-33
Code: Mosaic-34
Code: Mosaic-35
Code: Mosaic-36
Code: Mosaic-37
Code: Mosaic-38
Code: Mosaic-39
Code: Mosaic-40
Code: Mosaic-41
Code: Mosaic-42
Code: Mosaic-43
Code: Mosaic-44
Code: Mosaic-45
Code: Mosaic-46
Code: Mosaic-47
Code: Mosaic-48
Code: Mosaic-49
Code: Mosaic-50
Code: Mosaic-51
Code: Mosaic-52
Code: Mosaic-53
Code: Mosaic-54
Code: Mosaic-55
Code: Mosaic-56
Code: Mosaic-57
Code: Mosaic-58
Code: Mosaic-59
Code: Mosaic-60
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