Hand-carved by our skillful craftsmen
Available Stone Colors: marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone
Custom designs and dimensions are available.
Please feel free to contact us for the sizes, prices and other information.

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Code: CFPSC-61
material:travertine  weight:1500KGS
dimensions:10ft L x 6ft H x 26”D
Code: CFPSC-62
material:Galala beige marble  weight:1200KGS
dimensions:102” L x 62” H x 19”D
Code: CFPSC-63
material:Galala beige marble  weight:600KGS
dimensions:79”L x 65”H x 20”D
Code: CFPSC-64
material:Galala beige marble  weight:900KGS
dimensions:95”L x 65”H x 19”D
Code: CFPSC-65
material:QY brown marble  weight:480KGS
dimensions:80”L x 60”H x 18”D
Code: CFPSC-66
material:HN white marble  weight:650KGS
dimensions:74”L x 55”H x 12”D
Code: CFPSC-67
material:QY yellow marble   weight:500KGS
dimensions:75”L x 50”H x 12”D
Code: CFPSC-68
QY yellow marble  weight:350KGS
dimensions:72”L x 56”H x 14”D
Code: CFPSC-69
material:QY beige marble   weight:500KGS
dimensions:72”L x 60”H x 14”D
Code: CFPSC-70
material:HN white marble   weight:800KGS
dimensions:78”L x 88”H x 16”D
Code: CFPSC-71
material:HN white marble  weight:550KGS
dimensions:74”L x 56”H x 14”D
Code: CFPSC-72
material:travertine  weight:550KGS
dimensions:78”L x 72”H x 16”D
Code: CFPSC-73
material:travertine  weight:880KGS
dimensions:96”Lx60”Hx 24”D
Code: CFPSC-74
material:QY yellow marble  weight:380KGS
dimensions:67”L x 50”Hx14”D
Code: CFPSC-75
material:white/Beige marble  weight:550KGS
Code: CFPSC-76
material:yellow limestone  weight:550KGS
Code: CFPSC-77
material:HN white marble  weight:250KGS
dimensions:65”L x50”Hx12”D
Code: CFPSC-78
material:Coffe brown marble  weight:500KGS
Code: CFPSC-79
material:QY red marble  weight:550KGS
Code: CFPSC-80
material:Coffe brown marble  weight:450KGS
Code: CFPSC-81
Material:white marble
Size:W72" x H54" x D14"
Code: CFPSC-82
Material:beige marble
Size:W72" x H52" x D14"
Code: CFPSC-83
Material:white/pink marble
Size:W72" x H52" x D14"
Code: CFPSC-84
Material:white marble
Size:W72" x H54" x D14"
Code: CFPSC-85
Material:white marble
Size:W68" x H52" x D14"
Code: CFPSC-86
Material:white marble
Size:W78" x H54" x D14"
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