To insure the artistic standard of our sculpture products and solemnity of our invention, we invited Prof. Liqun Su of the Fine Arts College, Qinghua University, as our art supervisor overlooking the modeling and craftwork of our entire works. All our craftsmen are from Quyang County of Hebei Province ---- "Home of China's Stone Sculpture". With many years of experiences in fulfilling orders from European and North American clients, we are now in a position to produce series of sculpture works that can be compared with the Italian ones esthetically, and the cost of our products are far more lower than our counterparts world-wide due to China's low labor cost.

Our main carved stone products include marble fireplaces, garden water fountains, stone tables and benches, gazebos, geomantic balls, animal statues, lion statues, tiger statues, flower pot & vases, granite carvings, lanterns and landscapes.

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