We produce many kind of animal statue by solid stone include marble, granite, limestone, travertine and sandstone.  These beautiful animal figures are by hand carved, such like stone lion, stone tiger, stone horse, stone bird, stone elephant, stone frog, stone dragon, stone tortoise  etc.  We do custom design and size according to customer’s picture or drawing.  Pls feel free to contact us for any enquiries. 

Hand-carved by our skillful craftsmen
Available stone : marble, sandstone, limestone and travertine etc.
Custom designs and dimensions are available.
Please contact us for the size, prices and other information.
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Code: Animal-01
Name: dog sculpture
Code: Animal-02
Name: bird sculpture
Code: Animal-03
Name: frog sculpture
Code: Animal-04
Name: tortoise sculpture
Code: Animal-05
Name: cattle sculpture
Code: Animal-06
Name: sphinx sculpture
Code: Animal-07
Name: eagle sculpture
Code: Animal-08
Name: horse sculpture
Code: Animal-09
Name: elephant sculpture
Code: Animal-10
Name: pig sculpture
Code: Animal-11
Name: crane sculpture
Code: Animal-12
Name: bear sculpture
Code: Animal-13
Name: goat sculpture
Code: Animal-14
Name: elephant sculpture
Code: Animal-15
Name: horse sculpture
Code: Animal-16
Name: rhinoceros sculpture
Code: Animal-17
Name: goat sculpture
Code: Animal-18
Name: leopard sculpture
Code: Animal-19
Name: behemoth sculpture
Code: Animal-20
Name: elephant sculpture
Code: Animal-21
Name: panda sculpture
Code: Animal-22
Name: behemoth sculpture
Code: Animal-23
Name: elephant sculpture
Code: Animal-24
Name: panda sculpture
Code: Animal-25
Code: Animal-26
Code: Animal-27
Code: Animal-28
Code: Animal-29
Code: Animal-30
Code: Animal-31
Code: Animal-32
Code: Animal-33
Code: Animal-34
Code: Animal-35
Code: Animal-36
Code: Animal-37
Code: Animal-38
Code: Animal-39
Code: Animal-40
Code: Animal-41
Code: Animal-42
Code: Animal-43
Code: Animal-44
Code: Animal-45
Code: Animal-46
Code: Animal-47
Code: Animal-48
Code: Animal-49
Code: Animal-50
Code: Animal-51
Code: Animal-52
Code: Animal-53
Code: Animal-54
Code: Animal-55
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