Basalt stone (Lava stone) is an actual stone that is produced from volcanic eruptions. It is a rough stone fairly light in weight and gray in color. The strange of Basalt (lava stone) is its vesicular and natural, seeing from its cutting surface , the holes are much bigger in the upper and smaller downwards and more highly concentrated.
This kind of stone material has the special features which other stone material doesn’t have for its individual holes, such as sound absorption and insulation, heat insulation and reserve, frozen proof etc. It has good sightseeing for the continuous big and small holes, with primitive simplicity and elegant style.
Every environmental test of this stone is all fine under very strict inspections, it is green environmental building material. It also has features of sour and alkali proof, can be used in many areas.
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quarry of basalt (lava stone)
quarry of basalt (lava stone)
quarry of basalt (lava stone)
block yard
cutting machine
Basalt stone (lava stone) is grey color, no chromatism forever and turn to dark blue color permeated with water. It has three kinds of big, line and mini pores according to the different holes in it. The diameter is 5-20mm for big pore, and 0.1-5mm for mini pore; The wholly separation among the pores is one of its features for this kind of stone.
big pore
line pore
mini pore
Antique Face-big pore
Antique Face-line pore
Antique Face-mini pore
Products of basalt (lava stone): flooring tiles, mushroom stone etc.
Dimensions (mm): 150X150 300X300  400X400 600X600 200X400  300X600 Up to 1500X600 (Custom dimensions are available.)
Application: paving, wall cladding etc.
big pore tiles (400X400mm)
big pore tiles (150X150mm)
mini pore tiles (400X400mm)
mini pore mushroom
paving stone 1 for blind people
paving stone 2 for blind people
big pore bush harmed
mini pore bush harmed
mini pore chiseled
big pore polished
Polishing Surface
machine-cutting surface
Flagstone 01 of basalt (lava stone)
Flagstone 02 of basalt (lava stone)
flooring tiles
stock of lava stone
stock of lava stone
stock of lava stone
wall cladding
application of basalt stone
wall cladding of basalt stone
paving stone
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