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Beijing Stars Stone Co., Ltd. is a leading stone manufacturer and exporter in North China with 18 years' history. BSS is engaged in stone-related mining, manufacturing and trading. Our products cover marble fireplaces, sculptures, tiles & slabs, natural slate products, construction stuff, granite countertops, kitchen and bathroom products, garden ornaments, gravestones and monuments etc. Our products are mainly exported to USA,Canada, UK, Ireland and other European countries, also exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Europe and Australia. Every month about 80 to 100 containers are sent to all around the globe market. In according with the principle "Quality and Service first", our vision is to spread quality Chinese stone products to every corner of the world!

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Provide high quality natural stone tiles and slabs, including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone, quartzite, basalt stone (lava stone), marble compound tiles, artificial stones, natural coral stone. white marble, black granite, beige limestone, Chinese travertine, yellow sandstone.
Granite and marble are the traditional materials for kitchen countertops and vanity tops, due in part to their durability and rich composition. We offer many stone products used for your kitchen and bathroom, including granite countertop, marble vanity top, bath tub, granite sinks.
Marble window sill & molding, door surround, column, handrail & baluster, mosaic and medallion, the perfect combination between the stone craftwork and geometry design will be found after decoration, which is in fashion to be used in edifice, hotel or courtyard today.
A wide selection of colors: black, green, yellow, pink, rusty, grey and red. Finished products include flooring tiles, roofing tiles, wall stone, flagstones, mosaic & patterns, paving stones and mushroom stones. Used for flooring, roofing, wall cladding and interior and exterior paving.
We supply many kinds of stone fireplace mantels, marble fireplaces in Europe style, USA style and Canada style, including simple fireplace, flower-carved fireplace, statue-carved fireplace, double fireplaces and iron cast fireplaces. Materials: marble, limestone, travertine and sandstone. We also do custom works and custom designs are welcomed.
Offer all kinds of stone products for your garden ornaments, including water fountains, stone tables & benches, gazebos, animal statues, stone lions, stone tigers, flower pots & vases, spheres (decorative balls), granite carvings, lanterns and landscapes etc. witch can bring beauty and lifelikeness to your elegant garden.
Granite gravestones and monument in UK, USA, Europe styles. Urns, cross, angels, Virgin Mary and Jesus statue. The materials used for monuments are famous China black granite, red granite, white marble and some other stones.

There are many famous figure sculptures, marble statues, busts, children sculptures and abstract figures sculptures shown in our gallery. We can carve these figures in the dimensions you want. Your own designs are also welcomed.
Competitive power of our resources:
Abundant stone resources and many kinds of stones, such as marble granite limestone travertine slate quartzite sandstone and imported stones. The marble products and granite slates are from our own quarries and fabricated by our own stone processing plants, therefore continuity of the best quality and lowest cost are ensured. Both the natural stale and pure white marble for carving are just from Beijing. The pure black granite most suitable for monument is also from the adjacent region. Above all, our products are of better quality and lower cost comparing with similar products from the other parts of the world.
Craftsmanship and technological advantage:
All of our stone plants are manpowered by craftsmen and skilled technicians from the home of China's sculpture. Our designers and workers are familiar with the artistic style of both East and West.
Logistic and services:
As dedicating to international cooperation and marketing the Chinese products worldwide, BSS has established a complete service system that is in a position to meet the requirements of different clients. We are now building our overseas distribution network by relying on experienced sales professionals, simple & speedy ordering system and logistic center, to provide more humanized services to our global clients.
Mr. Genshen Tang
Tel: 8610-87334619 or 87334638 ext. 8217
Fax: 8610-87334620
E-mail: sales@chinamarble.com
MSN: genshen78@hotmail.com
Business Ability: Specialized in stone/marble fireplace mantles, marble sculptures, granite counter tops, construction stuffs, stone carvings and garden ornaments.
Ms. Jessie Yan
Tel: 8610-87334638 ext. 8222
Fax: 8610-87334620
E-mail: sales@chinamarble.com
MSN: jessieyan975@hotmail.com
Business Ability: Specialized in natural slate products, including cultured stone/wall stone, flagstone, mushroom stone, roofing tiles, slate flooring tiles, mosaic pattern, quartzite, sandstone and paving stones.
Ms. Jane Sun
Tel: 8610-87334638 ext. 8223
Fax: 8610-87334620
E-mail: sales@chinamarble.com
MSN: janesun519@hotmail.com
Business Ability: Take charge of stone carving products including fireplace, column, baluster, door pocket, window surround, garden sculptures etc. of North America market.
Mr. Tiger Tang
Tel: 8610-87334638 ext. 8216
Fax: 8610-87334620
E-mail: sales@chinamarble.com
MSN: tiger_tang08@hotmail.com
Business Ability: Taking charge of marble slab, tile and mosaic, artificial marble, travertine, limestone and jade stone. Meanwhile, also of glass mosaic and landscape stone products.
Mr. Grant Ren
Tel: 8610-87334638 ext. 8214
Fax: 8610-87334620
E-mail: sales@chinamarble.com
MSN: renpeng_520@hotmail.com
Business Ability: Specialized in stone/marble fireplace mantles, marble sculptures, granite counter tops, construction stuffs, stone carvings and garden ornaments.
Supervisor: Mr. Simon Liu (General Manager)
Tel: 0086 10 87334618
Fax: 0086 10 87334620
E-mail: simon_liu20022002@hotmail.com
MSN: simon_liu20022002@hotmail.com
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